What's Up @ AEC!!

Hello AEC Friends– 


This Sunday

~ Sunday School @9am: 1 adult class, 3 children’s and 1 youth

~ 10.10.10 Prayer @10:10am - 10 minutes of prayer for the service in the Yellowstone Room

~ Worship Service @10:30 – “What do a Church and a Moving Company have in Common?”

~ KIDZONE - Kidzone Inflatable bounce houses in the AEC parking lot during the Annual Montana BBQ Cook-off

                       from Noon to 4pm For ages (Pre-School - 14 yrs)


Accessing the Church This Sunday

Being that’s its BBQ Cook-off Sunday, accessing the church will be a little challenging as High 78 /North Woodard will be closed.  Although the church access road will be barricaded off, we have permission to enter Woodard from the North side by Chaos Corner, … just drive slowly around barricade to the church parking lot.  All times as usual i.e. Sunday School @ 9am and Worship @ 10:30am.  Thanks for Your Patience! 


Pray for our afternoon KIDZONE outreach for families attending the BBQ Cook-off. 


This Saturday June 22nd Vitalant will be holding their every other month blood drive in AEC's Lobby from  10:30am to 1:30pm. Please consider coming down and donating blood. One pint can save 3 lives!!!



July 16th & 18th we need help making meals and delivering from 11-1pm. If you would like to help with this, please contact Nikki Mix by email- aecoffice@absarokeechurch.org or by phone 806.922.4358. Thank you for your servant heart!


As part of our Church Theme this year “Love Your Neighbor” please pray for 2 families per day from the INSTANT CHURCH DIRECTORY by name.

Wednesday Events:


6.26.19 @ 7pm, S’mores @ The Langley’s 

VBS 2019 Needs List

  • Snacks – variety of cookies, crackers, cheese sticks, banana bread, applesauce cake, etc. Delivered to church on Saturday or Sunday before VBS.


  • BBQ Food – frozen hamburger patties, hot dogs, buns for both, watermelon, potato/macaroni salad, ice cream sandwiches.


  • Decorating help – Saturday, July 6, 9:00 am

**For those who wish to be in a small group or host one, please contact Brook Anderson @ 406-390-1275**


July, Aug, Sept Take 20/Take 40’s WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON in the entryway of the church!!!