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Pastor Werner Seibert

There is no greater honor than to be a pastor for our Lord Jesus Christ and to serve His church. The Lord believes in His church and so do I. The church is not perfect; that should not disillusion us, but encourage us to be more like the Master. The temptation as Christians many times is to withdraw from society and “circle the wagons” in these challenging times we live in. However, I believe the church can shine out in these dark times, more brightly than ever (Philippians 2:14-18). Each day is a gift from God and an opportunity to be transformed like Jesus. While our methods may change to reach this present culture of ours, the message of Jesus will always remain the same.


I was born in Germany in 1957 and we moved to Billings, Montana in 1959 and graduated from Billings Senior High in 1975. During High School I came to the Lord in March of my junior year at a Lowell Lundstrom crusade at the age of 16 and shortly after that began attending Billings Faith Evangelical Church. My dad was not a practicing Christian, but mom was a “born-again” believer. She could tell my conversion was real by the fruits of repentance exhibited in me being a new creature in Christ (Matt. 3:8). My decision for Christ was a joy for my mother and an answer to her prayers because when I gave my heart to Jesus everything changed for me. Before my conversion as a teenager all I wanted to do was get a faster car, get more money and date more girls. When I came to Christ my priorities changed. I met some wonderful believers that became lifelong friends and my focus shifted from this world to serving God. I ended up studying at George Fox College where my call to ministry was confirmed. During my college years I met my wife, Debbie Dominy Seibert. What a blessing it has been to have a faithful wife that supports me and serves alongside me in ministry. I have never regretted my decision to accept and serve Jesus Christ. My life verse has been Luke 9:23 and the Bible character I wish to emulate is Simon of Cyrene (to carry the cross for my Lord). I have attended and served within the Evangelical Church Denomination since my conversion.


The best way to describe myself is physically fit and active. My hobbies are exercising, fishing, motorcycling, playing with Jack (dog) and time with family! By God’s grace and mercy all three of my beautiful daughters are serving the Lord with their whole hearts! As for my wonderful wife, Debbie has not only been a support, but an addition to my ministry through the years. Her spiritual gifts include teaching and mercy as well as a heart for leading worship. Skilled in drama, music, bible knowledge and leadership, she has been instrumental in drawing many souls closer to God, as well. We are a good team!


Churches Served:

• 4 Years as Sr. Pastor @ Absarokee Evangelical Church in Absarokee, MT (2013)

• 4 Years as Sr. Pastor @ Colbert Chapel Church in Colbert, WA (2008-2012)

• 13 Years as Pastor of Adult Ministries @ Oregon City Evangelical Church (1995-2008)

• 6 Years as Sr. Pastor @ Lockwood Evangelical Church in Billings, Montana (1989-1995)

• 7 Years as Sr. Pastor @ Big Timber Evangelical Church in Big Timber, Montana (1982-1989)

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