2020 Bible Reading Plan

Just like our bodies need a variety of daily foods to keep us alive, our souls need to be fed with some good healthy stuff…not just the sweet Christian Radio, TV, Music, or Fellowship that we can chug down and enjoy.  We must, as Christ’s disciples, have some daily, healthy disciplines to keep us spiritually strong & alive. Intentional, consistent daily time with God. Allow this daily devotional time to grow you as never before.

And that’s the purpose of “Take 40/20”.  I’m asking you as your spiritual brother & leader of the church to commit to the “Take 40/20” as a daily devotional plan i.e. Monday thru Saturday (6 days a week) 40/20 minutes a day with God.  Do your “Take 40/20” when you’re at your best...mornings or afternoon or nights.  Sundays we rest & worship together. However, in this booklet there is a page for Sunday sermon notes.

Sound good?...Let me share more!

· For adults 21 & over “Take 40” is broken down like this:

10 Minutes=“Be Still” with God

10 Minutes=“Bible” Reading

10 Minutes=“Response” (Application)

10 Minutes=“Pray”


· For JH-College students “Take 20” is broken down like this:

5 Minutes=“Be Still” with God

5 Minutes=“Bible” Reading

5 Minutes=“Response” (Application)

5 Minutes=“Pray”  

Isn’t that exciting?! Not only is it exciting, but it’s biblically obedient.  All 4 of these topics are in God’s Word (the bible) so that we would grow in Christ & be conformed to His Image. (2 Peter 3:18)

“Be Still” with God—Psalm 46:10a; Luke 5:16

“Bible”—Joshua 1:8; Job 23:12 Discovering His love, wisdom, understanding God’s will for us, victory over sin and power.

“Response” (Application)—Psalm 1:2, 119:9-11;

Deut. 6:4-9; James 1:22-25

“Pray”—Psalm 5:3; James 5:16; Philippians 4:6-7

A wonderful adventure of discovery awaits us in “Take 40/20”. Get Ready! Get Set!  Get Growing!


You’re Servant,

Pastor Werner

January Scripture Reading

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